2021 - Nostradamus Predicted the End of the World! It's TRUE!

21st December 2012 will be the most important day for all humanity. The ancient Mayans created the Long Count calendar duration at this time as the beginning mark a new cycle for humanity.

There is a lot of information about the date 12-21-12 that would be in your best interest to read and understand. Exactly what will happen on that day is not so easily or quickly answered. There are many different schools of thought and complex evidence that interconnect and bringing us to the conclusion that the date 21 December 2012 is of great importance to the future of mankind. There is a clear need for knowledge to formulate your plans and to prepare for the winter solstice of 2012.
The simple truth is that the "End Of The World" is not being alarmist. It is well known to all human cultures since antiquity that the world will end one day have. There is great significance with this time, because old knowledge, Lunar-Solar Records, cosmic events, among many other things that will happen in our world. The galaxy is the key to natural events on earth, heavenly humanity or activity is not something governments can control. 2012 the end of the world or the beginning of a new era.

Nostradamus has prophesized a comet hits the earth and predicts devastating destruction and suffering. New comets could enter our solar system at any given time. In the last six months, three new comets have been discovered by amateur astronomers. All three have been officially confirmed. The frequency of occurrence of the comet appears to be on the rise. We have no way to know when the next destructive comet could be catapulted into our solar system, and a Near Earth Object without warning. The last new comet appeared on the 18th June 2009 and was named Comet P/2009.

This prophecy is REAL - if you don't believe me click here to find out more!

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  1. Maybe you should check your headline: 2021 o3 2012?

  2. the date is 2021

    1. its the year when the gravitational pull of the black hole in the milky way destabilizes the sun . the alpha

    2. and the bright and beautiful morning star will be cast down and chained in the abyss for 1000 years

  3. May Jesus Christ be not martyred! There is a third world war fast approaching. A comet ( mentioned in the Book of Revelations) is making fast approach and will destroy one third of the land in January 2037. It will impact Europe and will cause a famine. This famine will become gradually global. The Mahdi of Greater Arabia will launch a deceptive peace program and will get his hands on nuclear missiles. Islamic prophecies mention that Islamic invaders will be successful in invading Italy. It is also mentioned in the St. Malachy prophecies that Peter the Roman will preside over the destruction of the Church. after the asteroid ( hits the sea in June 2040 will destroy one third of the fishes and ships ) hostilities will break out paving the war in 2041 lasting 23 Years. Moreover 200 million soldiers mentioned in the Revelations book will kill 3 billion people about one third of the humanity. However the Christian prophecies and Indian prophecies mention about Kalki the last reincarnation of Vishnu who will restore order.

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